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He was a friend, after all.

“I hope you don’t think this means we are together now.” I blinked; he walked out of my dorm room. What at first was a meeting of friends ended in sexual assault. The first kiss was okay, but everything that followed violated my trust, my body, my confidence. Strangely, labeling it “sexual assault” did not immediately occur to me, despite my saying “no” several times. I did not yell for help. He was a friend, after all. Continue Reading

Forgiveness, Theology

Forgiveness is my “one thing.” When I rise, forgiveness is the first thing on my mind and often the last thing I think about at the end of the day. It has become the lens through which I view myself and the world around me. My daily need for forgiveness, as well as the expectation to offer it, no doubt grows out of my Reformed heritage and its focus upon God’s grace. Further, I ‘m sure close family members and friends wish I’d move on and talk/write about something else. In simplest terms, this post is the reason why  I won’t (or can’t) let go and why I hope to interest others.

Until my ONE thing is done, everything else is a distraction. -Gary Keller

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Forgiveness, Theology

Self-Forgiveness: Abigail’s Story

I weaved around marimbas, timpani covers, and instrument cases as I sprinted across the gym. I reached the wall and skidded to a stop as I looked up hoping, praying, and wishing with my whole heart that my name would be up on that list. I lifted my eyes up, then I closed them to look again. I must have seen it wrong the first time because my name had to be on that list. But when  I opened my eyes, nothing had changed.

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For clergy only

I graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1990. My time there was a mixed bag when it came to theological training, though it certainly managed to strengthen my faith. As well, I began to develop various new skill sets, such as preaching, pastoral care and evangelism. Heading into my first church, what skill would I need the most? The answer grew out of a comment that one of my professors shared in class one day:

Whenever you go to a new church, you can count on two things: Half of the people are going to love you, and half of the people are going to hate you.

What? I didn’t go into the ministry to be hated! Why? Continue Reading